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DarkHoney OÜ | A Modern Brand Strategy Agency


Brave leaders who reached out to us got immediate clarity about their position and the right thing to be done just from our first discovery conversation.

Book your 30 min discovery conversation with a top leading brand strategist right now!

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A Brand Strategy Agency.
Not a Honey Company!

We envisioned how the modern branding agency would be! 
And how creative nomads worldwide can work together.  A smooth fulfilled tribe with the highest standards.

We believe that you, too, share with us the same noble mission; to invent cultures.

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Hamza Najjar

Principal, Brand Strategist and behavioural science practitioner.

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Dina Baenninger

Brand Strategist and Hotel Branding expert.

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Axel Schwarz

Brand Strategist and sports brand expert.

Discover more about the leading brand specialists team and our unique agency culture.​

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What Would You
Hire Us For?

Here are the major topics our clients hire us for! But our value doesn't stop there. For many other cases, we customise a special service package.

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Brand Strategy

Begin with a unique and impactful solution for companies aiming for a systematic plan to take them to the next step and beyond.

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Our holistic approach for an established business, who are having a drag from the current brand situation, wants to bring a total change to the whole company.

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Startups Branding

A holistic approach toward new brands. Start from your business idea with a clear brand strategy and carefully wrap it up with creative execution.

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Brand Positioning

If it's still hard for you to choose one category, one ideal customer persona, one perfect product or service. positioning will help you sharpen that

Don't Pay Us!
Do it yourself!

To help more of you to step up and do the right thing with strategising before blindly executing, here are some free resources to help you jump start your way.

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Strategy Pyramid

The heart of any brand strategy, by solving it, you get a guiding compass for your brand. Here you will find the strategy Pyramid explained and free space to create your own.

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The perfect
naming matrix

If you are looking for a perfect name for your new business, try this naming matrix. If your suggested name scores high in these 7 naming criteria, it's a perfect name.

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Top 10 Behavioural influencer biases

While designing a brand experience, there will be important questions to ask yourself! Here are the top 10 behavioural science biases that influence people experience and what to ask yourself.

Questions & answers

A brand is not a logo, not a visual identity, not the product or the service either! A Brand is a personal gut feeling about a product, service or company. It’s not what you say it is! It’s what they say it is.

People nowadays are information-rich and time-poor! While business tries to compete by benefits and features, people choose with different means. Like what this product will make me? Who else buys it? And why I should care? Building a brand-driven business is the shortest way to get to your customers gut feeling.

Building a brand is a continuous process that doesn’t end. Every person in the business ecosystem is playing a part in building your company brand from the moment you decide to start till the last moment in your business life. Start with a strong strategy to create a cycle of innovation in your business.

Hiring a specialist at the start of your business could be a bit expensive sometimes. Yet, it usually pays off by saving you years of uncertainty and a big chunk of lost money; if you don’t have enough means to hire a specialist, follow them and learn from them how to build your brand the hard way!

Normally it should cost from %8-15 of your total initial investment in your startup. Your early investment in your business brand is never a waste! A company like Coca-Cola, the brand makes more than %60 of its assets.

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To invent smooth cultures with a clear purpose and fulfilled tribes.

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