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Build a brand.
Invent a culture.

The only brand strategy firm.
That drives change with the power of Behavioural Science.

When We Can
Help You?

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Group 73

When you need a formal assessment of your current brand’s strengths and weaknesses across all its touchpoints.

Group 71

When you want to start with a powerful plan for the systematic development of your brand.

Group 72

When you don’t see how you are different from others in the same category.

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“it’s the light, quick and pre-planned approach that fascinated me how we could reach such great results in short time frame.”

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Why We Brush Our Teeth?

Icon TM DarkHoney OÜ Brand Strategy Firm. Why we brush our teeth? It may sound obvious, that we brush our teeth for dental hygiene of course.

Specialised Creative Nomads

We Believe That Robust Brands Start From The Internal Culture.

“We Are Creative Nomads who modernised the brand strategy firm. DarkHoney™ Invented a type of firms, that keep flowing on zero employees and gather people in unusual networks at unusual workplaces. Yet united by purpose, vision, and values.
And all of that for one reason only: To help leaders invent cultures with a clear purpose and fulfilled tribes.”

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Hamza Najjar
Founder & Principal
Level C Certified Brand Specialist
Brand Mentor Startup Wise Guys

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Hamza is a creative thinker who is highly organised, with a skills of communication and high level of empathy. I worked with hamza in the same company for three years, lunching more than 15 new brands and adapting many international franchises to a local market in the GCC.

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To invent robust cultures with a clear purpose and fulfilled tribes.

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Address: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia