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Gene, a branding department within the multi-disciplinary company RadioActive (Onsor Mosha), had gained significant traction in the branding industry in Saudi Arabia. As a result, the decision was made to spin Gene off into a standalone branding firm. However, the question arose: who would brand the branding firm itself?

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This is where DarkHoney stepped in. We began by conducting online sessions with the Gene management team to understand their vision and goals for the new brand. From there, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy to guide Gene in their new endeavour.


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• Brand strategy and architecture


• Research and behavioural insights


• Culture strategy

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Once the strategy was finalized, we travelled to Riyadh to work with the Gene team on the ground to deploy their new branding strategy. We also helped them design an exceptional employee experience and provided hands-on training to their team on real client cases to elevate their branding skills to a higher level.

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Thanks to our collaborative efforts, Gene has become a thriving branding firm in the Saudi market, offering unique branding methods and a distinctive brand identity. We’re proud to have played a key role in Gene’s success story and look forward to helping other businesses achieve their branding goals.

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