Our Culture 1

Why DarkHoney?

To invent smooth cultures
with a clear purpose and fulfilled tribe.

Our Culture 2

Smooth Culture

Any group of people sharing a set of common values and beliefs creates what so-called culture. Every company, school, country and even religion is a culture.

Clear Purpose

Every culture has a higher belief, the purpose of existence.
A clear purpose unifies efforts and leads cultures ahead.

Fulfilled Tribe

From a healthy culture with a clear purpose, a fulfilled tribe emerge.
fulfilment is the goal of every individual joining a tribe.

Diverse Culture
With The Highest Standards

DarkHoney’s high strategic standards are what makes us a unique culture of specialists.
Every expert at DarkHoney is a leading example in their field. Discover more about DarkHoney distinctive team of experts.

Our Culture 3

Hamza Najjar

Hamza is a mix between behavioural science and branding strategy. He will listen to the room, consider the outcomes from all angles and offer a short and concise viewpoint – in all, saving both time and energy for everyone involved.

Our Culture 4

Dina Baenninger

Dina is a leading certified brand strategist. Specialised in luxury hotel brands, she has a long experience developing some of the finest luxury hotels in Switzerland; Dina cares about unlocking human potential and cultivating a culture of kindness.

Our Culture 5

Axel Schwarz

Axel is a leading brand strategist who is on a mission to cultivate a culture of fun and sustainably responsible sports brands and empower top athletes to achieve their goals.

Our Culture 6

Level C

The only professional certification program in brand taught by global expert Marty Neumeier.

Our Culture 7


The World’s Leading Festival of Behavioural Science and Creativity.

The Name Story

The artistic metaphor comparing the value of what we do with the value of one of the oldest natural remedies (Honey).

While the colour of honey depends on the type of bees and nectar they collect. The environment where they live and produce it plays an important role as well.

The (Dark Honey) gets its colours from the type of bees that can live in high altitude forests. They are unique, strong and wild bees, yet, they collect the nectar through the hardest geography and produce high-quality honey with a dark colour, not black but really dark!

Every creative nomad in our community is a very distinctive bee that went through the hardest nature to collect the best nectar. Together we’re all collectively create a unique remedy for countless problems in the brand strategy services category.

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Our Culture 8

To invent smooth cultures with a clear purpose and fulfilled tribes.

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DarkHoney OÜ
Registration number: 14565237
Email: info@darkhoney.net
Phone: (389) 78521652
Address: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia