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When we first met Ishaq, senior architect for Hilton ME in Dubai, we were already impressed by his impressive knowledge and skill set. However, during our collaboration on the extensive renovation project for the Sheraton Doha hotel, we fully recognized the depth and breadth of his expertise. Given his unparalleled ability to resolve complex technical issues in the field of hotel design, Ishaq quickly became the go-to resource for mega projects throughout the GCC region.

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When Ishaq and his team approached DarkHoney, we recognized their tremendous potential and acknowledged the GCC market’s highly competitive nature. Although highly skilled and experienced, the Timeless team needed a clear personal brand and identity to set them apart from the crowded market. As such, we devised a comprehensive solution to help them establish a robust and differentiated identity that accurately reflected their unique strengths, values, and attributes.

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Through extensive personal branding sessions with each Timeless team member, we delved deep to uncover their distinctive qualities and expertise. Using these insights, we crafted a personalized brand identity for each individual, meticulously designed to showcase their unique skills and personal style.

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With each team member’s brand identity in place, we then focused on creating a cohesive and impactful brand identity for Timeless. This included designing a visually captivating brand identity that accurately conveyed the team’s core values and expertise and developing a comprehensive brand messaging strategy to communicate their unique value proposition to potential clients.

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Overall, our work on the Timeless team’s personal brands and collective brand identity was instrumental in helping them stand out in an incredibly competitive market. As a result, the team has attracted high-profile clients and projects within their field of expertise, establishing themselves as leaders in the GCC architecture industry.

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