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Reimagining Business Travel, Unforgettable Experiences Await! Brand Strategy – FlyAkeed During DarkHoney’s collaboration with Gene Branding, an opportunity arose to work with FlyAkeed, one of Gene’s esteemed clients. DarkHoney took on the task of facilitating a brand strategy workshop with FlyAkeed’s founders and C-level executives, aiming to redefine their positioning in the market. The […]


Timeless Consultancy

Defined expertise of top architectural problem solver in the GCC Personal BrandingBrand Experience – Timeless Consultancy  When we first met Ishaq, senior architect for Hilton ME in Dubai, we were already impressed by his impressive knowledge and skill set. However, during our collaboration on the extensive renovation project for the Sheraton Doha hotel, we fully […]


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A place that will take you on a journey through the history of love for Levant’s cousin.​ Brand ExperienceCustomer Experience – El Am Bou Massoud “El Am Bou Massoud” journey commenced with a discovery session in Qatar. We immersed ourselves in the founders’ vision to create a brand strategy to catapult their fine-dining restaurant above […]

Gene Branding

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Helping “Gene” become a thriving branding firm in the Saudi market. Employees ExperienceBrand Experience – Gene Branding Gene, a branding department within the multi-disciplinary company RadioActive (Onsor Mosha), had gained significant traction in the branding industry in Saudi Arabia. As a result, the decision was made to spin Gene off into a standalone branding firm. […]