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– FlyAkeed

During DarkHoney’s collaboration with Gene Branding, an opportunity arose to work with FlyAkeed, one of Gene’s esteemed clients. DarkHoney took on the task of facilitating a brand strategy workshop with FlyAkeed’s founders and C-level executives, aiming to redefine their positioning in the market. The objective was to shift their perception from being the best service for finding seats on fully booked flights to becoming the leading corporate partner for a comprehensive travelling ecosystem.


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The intensive workshop was conducted at FlyAkeed’s headquarters in Riyadh and spanned a duration of three days. DarkHoney’s team worked closely with FlyAkeed’s key stakeholders, delving deep into their vision, values, and goals. Together, they crafted a new and distinct positioning strategy that would propel FlyAkeed to the forefront of the industry.
By the end of the process, FlyAkeed emerged with a crystal-clear positioning statement and a fresh set of values that aligned seamlessly with its new corporate direction. This redefined positioning not only captured the essence of their brand but also resonated strongly with their target audience.

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In addition to refining the brand strategy, DarkHoney collaborated closely with FlyAkeed’s design team at Gene Branding. They meticulously created a design brief that effectively communicated FlyAkeed’s new brand strategy. The objective was to transform the strategy into a visually captivating and meaningful brand identity system.

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The collaboration between DarkHoney and Gene Design resulted in a breathtaking new identity system for FlyAkeed. The brand identity captured the essence of FlyAkeed’s vision, values, and unique market positioning. It conveyed a sense of sophistication, reliability, and innovation that set FlyAkeed apart from its competitors.

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With this round of rebranding complete, FlyAkeed is poised for a thriving future. The new brand strategy, coupled with the visually stunning identity system, positions FlyAkeed as the preferred choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive travelling ecosystem. DarkHoney is honoured to have played a pivotal role in FlyAkeed’s brand transformation and looks forward to witnessing its continued success.

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