Why We Brush Our Teeth? 1

Why we brush our teeth?

It may sound obvious, that we brush our teeth for dental hygiene of course. But is there any more profound reason behind why we brush our teeth? If we examine the adulthood behaviour we notice that adults are most likely to brush their teeth before an important social meeting, a date, a job interview or even before a dentist visit. The hidden reason behind why we brush our teeth is social in the first place not hygienic. 

The toothpaste companies know this bias in their customers and that’s why they focus their efforts on creating toothpaste with a menthol smell and long-lasting freshness.
And that’s apparent in most of the toothpaste commercials, where we see too much focus on how a great breath smell will get you the job you want or get you a kiss from the beautiful girl in the tv commercial. 

The thing is toothpaste’s companies recognise the hidden motive in their customers and invest in using this recognition to sell them more.

If we look at another example to see how toothpaste companies look even deeper in our psychology as customers and use it for their advantages is this. Have you ever wondered why toothpaste has coloured stripes not mixed inside the tube?

Well, the reason here is also psychological and designed for our irrational system. The toothpaste companies claim that their products confront many problems at the same time, Like whitening, cleaning and protecting sensitive teeth. They attempt to show their customer’s, special components coming out of the tube for each claim thy made. And customers will have some ease connecting the dots in their subconscious of what the toothpaste promise and what comes out of the tube.

It’s hard to believe, but yet still true, that many small psychological discoveries, can make big changes in business behaviour.

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Why We Brush Our Teeth? 2

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