What other than logic? 1

"Should we attack now sir?"
"No. That's exactly what they expect us to do"

What other than logic?

In the army, if you put strategies with logical thinking, you are dead.
Putting army strategies can’t be done with logical thinking, otherwise, the strategies would be easily predicted. And the enemies will counter the attacks and win.

Logical thinking is not the only way to build strategies or solve problems. Even though it’s been highly promoted from the (numbers and spreadsheets) people.
Take business, for example, the market is similar to the battlefield where companies are competing against each other.

Companies who practice logical thinking to build their businesses, they will end up very predictable, like countless other lookalike companies who also followed the same logical thinking. Logic will take you where everybody is going, and sometimes you shouldn’t go.

The only smart winners in the market battle will be the companies who didn’t fall into the trap of logical thinking. instead, they stood out with remarkable ideas that no logical thinking would lead to them. Simply because you can’t reach remarkable ideas with logic, you have to design them.

Logic is good for some basic processes in life, but when it comes to compete or to innovate, you will need to design new ways and solutions that nobody did it before.

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What other than logic? 2

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