Re-branding Established Business

Our holistic approach for an established business, who are having a drag from the current brand situation, wants to bring a total change to the whole company.

Re-branding Established Business 1

Service Details

you contact us by completing the contact form.
We arrange a time to speak briefly about your situation and whether or not this is a good fit for you. So assuming you want to move forward…

By email, you’ll receive: 
• MSA (Master Service Agreement) to sign and return, 
• List of materials to gather, 
• Proposed schedule our meeting 
(with suggestions on who should attend each meeting). 
• Invoice and a non-disclosure agreement that we have already signed.
Once you have formally accepted the engagement, we’ll send a second email asking for a listing of all employees, including founders, so that we can issue personality tests for profiling. This period allows you to gather the materials we’ve requested and to send them back so that we can build the best exercises combination for your company. 
That will be the first thing we cover.

we’ll go through all the brand assets that have been produced over time and conduct several surveys to have a clear image of how your client perceives your brand. we will conduct sessions of measuring your positioning in the market and against your direct competitors. This can be covered in 2-4 weeks,
In the end, you’ll receive an audit report, which will cover your current brand foundation, positioning and SWOT analysis of your brand, the structuring of your company and your brand experience. Emphasising problems need immediate attention and hidden threats. Our last session of this section is a review session for the audit report outcome and to prioritise which problem should be tackled first.

We’ll conduct the majority of the new Brand strategy building sessions. This can be covered in as little as two weeks, but more typically require 4-6 weeks and depends on your schedule and how you learn. 
In the end, you’ll receive new corporate papers, which will cover your new brand foundation, positioning and GTM (Go To Market) strategy, the restructuring of several roles in your company, and any processes that you might need to put in place. Several emphases will emerge from the strategy. For example, if that reveals that you are under-pricing and/or over-delivering, we’ll fix that through your positioning, brand foundation, and brand experience. So those three areas are the big points, but we look at each point through the lens of the brand value results.
We’ll leave you with a clear picture of where your company is now, where it should be, and how to get there. It’s a better use of time and a more effective knowledge transfer if you take good notes, and we’ll help you do that. You are welcome to record our sessions if they are kept confidential and exclusively within the leadership team. Our last session of this section outlines our agreed-upon changes, which we will work through to summarise and prioritise.

After finishing with the strategy phase, we start with assigning the talents we will need to take the strategy into a live identity system, where most of the touchpoints will take their power from. 

A creative director from our side will engage the project and lead a team of creatives to deliver a complete identity system, including verbal, visual and any other form we need to bring in the system. This process typically requires 4-6 weeks; still, building the identity system usually don’t exceed the total duration of the project as some operations can go parallel with the strategy sessions.

We’ll stand by during implementation. We’ll assist you via video calls or email over up to three months or three significant video calls, whichever is first.
They are agenda-driven, which means that you might keep a log of questions and then set up a call when you are ready. We don’t count the quick calls or short email exchanges against this.

You will begin to see positive change very early in the process. In fact, gathering materials is a learning exercise. Some of the changes can happen quickly, and others may take up to eighteen months.

Technical Details

• Location: Remotely, but we do our portion via a fibre-optic connection, multiple cameras and a live white-board.

• Duration: From 6-8 weeks plus execution period.

• Scheduling: Re-branding established business can usually be scheduled and locked in on the calendar within 1-3 weeks, depending on the time of year.

• Deliverable:
• Total audit report for the current brand.
• Corporate paper document (includes the brand strategy, positioning and action plan.
• A very carefully and concisely stated recommendations for your note-taking.
• Brand identity system includes all brand’s assists and guides rules to use it.

• Implementation Guidance: Up to three months involving or up to three significant interactions. They are agenda-driven, which means that you’ll keep a log of the questions you have and we’ll address them in a batch. We don’t count the quick phone calls or any of the email exchanges during those three months.
(Our work is not like a coach.)

• Participation Requirements:
• Employees each complete a personality test, requiring about fifteen minutes.
• List of materials and reports from the previous years.   
• Founder participate for roughly one-half of the strategy sessions.
• Selected managers and key employees participate for several hours, based on their role. 
• Selected employees participate in short interviews, if appropriate.

• Qualification Overview:
• The business should be established and running for no less than 5 years.
• Our work will be most effective if your starting investment around €120,000 – €1 million.

• Payment Terms:
50% Prepaid and non-refundable. 50% on the start of Building Identity System phase Via wire transfer.

•Price: €12,900

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Re-branding Established Business 2

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