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Are you on the forge to start your business? Are you thinking of doing what others would do? Or you want to create a different path for your business brand?

Starting with a strategy is the way to overcome your competitors and lead your steps ahead.

Start Right! Start Strategic! And the design will follow.

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DarkHoney taught my team and me how to talk to our customer about our brand. We talked about what the customer would actually feel when they see our logo or receive our services. It’s not about what you’re telling the customer; it’s about what the customer feels about your brand.

They also provided consulting services. For example, they revised our creative project videos, telling me which ones were good or bad for my brand. They also offered advice about when to launch my portfolio items based on my customers’ perception of my brand.

Mohammad Siddeq

MEEM, Founder and CEO

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To invent robust cultures with a clear purpose and fulfilled tribes.

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