Stop Saying You Can't Be Number one 1

"Stop Saying You Can't Be Number one."

It sounds scary trying to be number one, especially for startups. 

Startups usually try to take their way step by step at the beginning and look for a spot in a market where at least they can compete.

But who defines the race in the first place? and who decide who win and who loose? Nobody agreed to the rules. In fact, there are no rules.
Actually, you’re the only one who decides what race to compete in and with what rules. And while things are up to you, you better choose a race you can win and be number one.

In branding, this is the core of positioning a brand, it’s like designing the fight where your brand can be the hero.
Positioning leads for more focused brands, and mostly narrow the brands offering as well, which is not a bad thing for business, as you may think. The more you narrow your offering, the more you become an expert and specialised in the eyes of your target audience.
And this means you get the right to charge more of what you are offering. You get the advantages of being number one in the race, where people will happily pay you premium.

Startups have more elastic structure, makes repositioning more easier than long years established businesses. The sooner you position your business the earlier you will secure the benefits of being number one in your own race.

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Stop Saying You Can't Be Number one 2

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