“Growing behind the scenes”
The goal of the entertainment industry is to maintain the audience’s attention.
By having their attention, they can fulfill their purpose – which is modeling people’s behavior. They influence their thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, choices and acts, hence influencing people’s lives. They have effect on groups, movements, and they control societies. The power that this industry has is becoming bigger and bigger day by day because it’s using one of the most desirable emotions – happiness and gratitude! Let’s not forget that people love to laugh, be thrilled, and a lot them enjoying being frightened. That kind of adrenaline rush is a wonderful and exciting feeling and the new generations are becoming more and more addicted to it.

In the world of entertainment, there are a lot of different ways of entertaining depending on the audience, individual or mass entertainment. There are also different media of entertaining like music, books, games, TV, theatre, sports, shows, and they hit all the five different senses and affect different emotions.
Every individual has their own entertainment requirements but what makes us the same is what the companies are most interested in. Some ways of entertainment are common and some interests are universal. The eternal duality between life and death, love and hate, good and bad, happiness and sadness, beautiful and ugly, freedom and captivity, is something that always buys our attention and raises questions and curiosity. We at MEEM know all of this and that’s why we chose a storytelling logo.


Zombies!! Shock, fear, tension, relief, laughter. We all love to watch the battle between life and death and expect to see how it’s going to end. Our logo is a piece of a silhouette cinema art which means the artists are behind the curtain
performing with their silhouettes. The young girl is a symbol of life, innocence, naivety and carelessness. The zombie is both a scary and funny figure and has very versatile symbolism. For some it is a work of Satan, for some scientific experiment, for some possible future apocalyptic scenario; but for MEEM Group the zombies are definitely a product of entertainment industry!

Where is MEEM in all of this? – MEEM is growing behind the scenes!

Growing is a never-ending process just like learning. MEEM is growing together with their audience and will become a part of their lives.
For every MEEM affiliated company there is a different scene in the logo matching their specialty – Animation, Marketing, Studios, Photography, etc.
What makes this logo unique is that anyone can have their own interpretation on the scene. That means this logo is matching the criteria of being a Meme.

SF UI Display

is the chosen font for MEEM Corp. for all online and on screens use implementations.


is the chosen font for MEEM Corp. for all printing and offline materials.

Colour Palette

The Primary colors are identifier to our brand, and our company. Primary colors should be used as the main accent in the artworks.



Imagery is more than decoration. It’s a powerful tool to help you
communicate and differentiate your Brand.


Genre: conceptual
The Environment: studio
The lighting: high key, artificial, flare
The models: professional, male & female, all hights, all ethnicity, young, all facial features
The wardrobe: unbranded, theatrical
Colour palette: matches the established brand-guide
Treatment: DoF, retouching, filters, photo manipulation



• Relevant
• Informative
• Delightful
• Full of life
• Photography of human is for human
• Complix
• Fune and meme