IPC Group

International Projects Consultants

“We were concurring the world with legionary now we do that with engineers!”


IPC Group logo is a beautiful emblem with a story-telling power. It’s an illustration of the Italian heritage with association of the Italian of culture, tradition, legend and wisdom.
In the focus is the dialog between the old age – legionary, and the new age – engineer.
Two man facing each other is also a symbol of meeting, communication or consultation, which truly represents what IPC Group is all about. They are framed in a globe – reflecting the international world-wise spread business of IPC Group and with a golden olive crown reflecting royalty.
The simplicity of the type font chosen makes.

Helvetica is chosen to resonate with the personality
of the brand; fusion of artistic with modern. It allows
the typography to deliver an impact in a minimalistic
and refined tone.
JF FLat is a font of choice for IPC Group as it possesses
a clear, crisp and confident character; echoing the
style of the brand.
Primary colors

Our two primary colors are carefully chosen to represent
the idea and the values of the brand. The royal
ocean blue. for the globe and ancient gold. for
the olive crown.

More than online.

An informative website helping IPC Group to communicate targeted audience with more effective way.

Operational Collaterals

The brand, once designed and defined, lives, walks
and breathes through the collaterals. New-Modern
Luxury comes alive through everything within the
brand and everything that will live on with everyone
who comes in contact with the brand.