Poor People Pay Twice 1

“Is this the 10th time you’re
buying a new phone?”

Poor People Pay Twice

It’s hard but true, many times we choose the cheaper option at the moment, not realising how much it will cost us in the future. Also not knowing the struggle that the cheaper choice will bring with it.

There is a reason why a service or product is cheap. Simply because they can’t sell it for a higher price as people wouldn’t get more value than what they pay. In other words, cheap is cheap because it has low value for its users. In a situation like beginning your business, it’s wiser to hire a professional even if it will cost you more at the start. But you should know that you saved your future self a lot of money and pain.

While on the other hand cheaper solutions mostly doesn’t last and you may realise late that you spend more than what you would’ve spent on a more expensive option that would’ve lasted longer. 

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Poor People Pay Twice 2

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