Innovate or Drop Dead 2

Innovate or Drop Dead ... that's the level.

‘Innovate or drop-dead’ 

that’s the level, a phrase we use to describe the approach brands must take to stay ahead in an ultra-competitive market, characterized by rapidly changing consumer demand. Startups’ seek to create disruptive innovation but it can be relatively simple, or incremental.

Adding new colours to an existing product line, offering a product in a new shape or introducing a new flavour, are all small innovations that can have a big impact on a brand. Simply put, an innovative brand is a brand that is reinventing their industry. 

Innovation can take many forms and can be used in any industry.
Let’s explore some of them in DarkHoney™ workshop for startups leaders.

About Innovation | by dh™ Workshops
DarkHoney™ workshop
for startups leaders.

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Innovate or Drop Dead 3

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