Does Your Business have a unique name? 1

Does Your Business have a unique name?

A good name can be the greatest asset for the company helping to spread and build the company brand. On the other hand, a bad name is a drag for any company and will make a big drop in the business revenue.

Naming a brand is one of the most important decisions a founder would take, and the founders should take it carefully.

So here are a set of criteria that will help any brand founder formulate a remarkable brand name. Testing some names options through those important criteria will help you figure out the best name for your brand.

A good brand name needs to be

• Different, very different from those who are considered as competitors of our brand.

• Short, as short as it can be, is better and more smooth in use.

• Appropriate for your brand; if it’s not, it’s hard to build the right image in your customer’s brain when they hear your name.

• Easy to spell and pronounce; you don’t want people to get lagged remembering how to spell your name or to have confusion about how to say it.

• Like-able so people can use it in their own way and to have a space to play around with it and use it in their life as an expression.

• Protectable, after all the name you finally choose, should be available, and you can have it as a trademark and be able to have the best domain name that matches.

You can list all the names you are thinking of and measure them against these criteria. The name that scores the highest is worth being used.

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Does Your Business have a unique name? 2

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