Hamza Najjar

Principal, Brand Strategist
& Behavioural Science Practitioner.

Hamza began his graphic design career after graduating from one of the finest art and architecture colleges in the middle east, specialising in brand identity systems. He honed his craft over 10 years of creating brand identities, mastering skills such as photography, filming, design thinking, and leading large groups of creatives from different disciplines and cultures along the way.

Under the mentorship of Marty Neumier, known as ‘the grand master of branding’, Hamza embarked on a journey specialising in brand strategy.

He was also one of the founding members of the behavioural science club born out of ‘Nudge stock’, where world-leading brains meet to discuss the opportunities and exploration of how to apply behavioural science create better business, cultures and brands.

Hamza’ experience includes working with some of the biggest corporations in the GCC region, such as in Media with al Jazeera and Power International in hospitality and entertainment. He has been part of some of Qatar’s largest projects, ‘Mall of Qatar’, and a wide range of high-end hospitality brand concepts that later became an example to follow in the Qatari market.

With his unique way of thinking, underpinned by a deep understanding of the psychology of human behaviour and the science of the behavioural economy, Hamza has created and successfully managed more than 30 brands in the GCC, ME and North Africa regions.

He is now the founder of international branding agency, Dark Honey, which brings together brand strategists from across the world to create brand cultures that people love to be a part of.

Hamza Najjar 1