Dina Baenninger

Brand Strategist
& Hotel Branding Expert.

Dina’s path to brand strategy began in art and design school. She mastered painting, typography and calligraphy, won awards, earned a Master of Fine Arts degree and blossomed as an installation and performance artist. She excelled in her post-grad studies of multimedia production.

She moved across disciplines and industries, forging her skills in the most diverse and most unorthodox ways. Destiny wanted Dina to deep dive into marketing and public relations and hone her craft to the highest quality standards in Park Hotel Vitznau, one of the finest Swiss luxury hotels. She also managed a prestigious awards event of the global TV & Entertainment industry (Rose d’Or Festival).

Under the mentorship of Marty Neumeier, ‘the grand master of branding’, Dina embarked on a journey specialising in brand strategy.

Now she helps her clients address and solve business problems on the fundamental level by applying brand strategy combined with groundbreaking innovation and design. She thrives in situations with problems that yearn to be solved in ways yet not discovered.

Dina specialises in supporting luxury hotels and hospitality brands before, during and after renovations, (re)openings or new openings. Her areas of expertise including support across (re)branding, (re)positioning, public relations and marketing campaigns, media work, including photo and video shootings and production of multi-platform branded content (for press, social media and other communications channels).

Dina partners with the best and brightest in the international creative industry – extraordinary success is the result of the genius of many.

Dina is a lover of art and nature. She cares deeply about unlocking human potential and cultivating a culture of kindness. Flow is the state of mind that keeps her moving.

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