Axel Schwarz

Brand Strategist
& Sports Brand Expert.

Axel started with digital design in the early ‘90s with a Commodore Amiga. Ever since he got his hands on “Deluxe Paint”, he was hooked to digital design.

Over the years, Axel developed expertise in motion graphics, user interfaces, managing project groups, and keeping an eye on budgets while meeting client expectations and deadlines.

With bwin – one of the world’s biggest sports betting providers – he was responsible for online advertising, motion graphics and new forms of digital marketing. In this time, he further developed his managerial skills while keeping track of the latest developments and trends in digital design.

Following his time with bwin, Axel worked as a freelance art director and project manager, with most of his clients and projects being sports and entertainment related.

Under the mentorship of Marty Neumeier, coined the “The Grand Master of Branding”, Axel embarked on a journey specialising in brand strategy.

Outside of his professional work, Axel has been an active American Football player for almost 20 years and has won multiple national and international championships with his team.

Axel is now a leading brand strategist on a mission to cultivate a culture of fun and sustainably responsible sports brands and to empower top athletes to achieve their goals.

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