What Is Culture

A Group of people sharing a set of common values and beliefs

We believe in inventing cultures

We believe that every person, idea & business must have a unique identity, story & philosophy

We believe that creative people from all over the world, can make together a strong culture.

What is Culture Brand?

Culture Brand is strong, powerful, a consistent brand with clear vows and values that engages a large number of extremely loyal followers.

Only certain brands build cultures, others build just images.

DarkHoney Culture

We are a branding agency and a creative community joined in one platform which created the DarkHoney Culture.

The young, modern and totally unconventional agency is providing premium branding services. Our products are Culture Brands because we believe that having a brand with culture is the most important asset of any corporation nowadays. We are proud to provide such a priceless product as the Culture Brand is, at very affordable prices, thanks to our unique organizational structure.

Our high value of freedom and the 3rd technological revolution allowed us to run our creative teams of co-workers online and internationally. Yes, our co-workers, not employees, are professionals from all over the world working freely and simultaneously just like they are in one office. That is how we want our community to be, free of conventional working and continuously rewarded for their loyalty to DarkHoney. That is our DarkHoney community. You can become a part of it!

DarkHoney the agency is depending on DarkHoney community and vice versa. That is why the agency is investing in the community yearly 5% of their profit. Together they create our brand and our culture – the DarkHoney Culture.

What can we do for you?

“Inventing Culture for your brand is like inventing personality for a person”

Culture Inventing Consultancy

Sometimes all you need is an advice on how to manage your brand or act in a certain situation. Maybe you already have an in-house marketing team that is managing your brand but they are facing some difficulties, or the branding didn’t show results. We will help you find a solution for every brand related mater, and we will do that in line with your previously set rules and values for the brand.

Starting From $1,000

Culture Character Design

Creating a character for your brand is like creating a character to a new person. Unlike with people, where they cannot choose their characters, your brand can have the character we decide it’s best to represent your company to the consumers. When we design the character of your brand we incorporate the company values, beliefs, story, history and practices. In other words – the culture.

Starting From $4,000

Culture Design Uplifting

If you already have gone through basic branding, like having a logo or stationery, and you want to invest in inventing a new culture for your brand, we advise you to go for Culture Brand Design Uplift.

Even established brands can struggle with having an unfocused vision at one point. Unfocussed vision makes confused brand followers, thus, no culture. Our creative team will work in line with your previous works and execution and help you re-build your culture or create a new one.

Starting From $9,000

Culture Identity Design

Any company, organization, country, fan club, or even a small neighborhood community with a set of common values and beliefs is a culture. In DarkHoney we help these cultures to shape their identity by mixing philosophy, arts, and graphic design. You want your brand to become a Culture Brand with a unique identity because only like that your success is guaranteed. Let’s invent your Culture Brand Identity together!

Starting From $15,000

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