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101 Branding For Startups 1


for startups

Learn what a brand is and how to harness 
the power of brand-driven business.

3 hours workshop

Workshop by:

About the workshop

Learn the skills, tools and mindsets for building a strong brand and leave with the know-how and confidence to drive change across your organisation. Don’t start a business, build a brand.

The workshop is designed as one-day 3HRS training – a mix of presentation and workshop case studies as practical skills you can apply tomorrow.

At its core, the process of building the brand for startups involves taking the founder’s passion for what they do, and finding an effective way of communicating it to the public that makes people feel equally enthusiastic about the brand.

Building a strong brand is a big operation of collaborative efforts. Teams of specialists sharing ideas, brainstorming and coordinating the work through a network of creatives are needed to build the foundation stone of a brand. It takes strategy and creativity together to build a strong brand.

In this short workshop, we will try to bring them closer together and build a bridge by learning five important disciplines for building a robust brand.

Designed for:

• Startup Founders

• CEO’s

• Brand Managers

• Marketing Directors

• Project Leaders

• Creative Entrepreneurs

What you will learn?

• Definitions and meanings: the language of the brand

• Branding products vs. branding services

• How to measure brand value

• Navigating the shift from marketing to mattering

• The difference between purpose, mission, vision, and goals

• The right way to choose and manage company values

• How to design for a “natural reading sequence”


3+ Hours

Zoom Online
Live Workshops



25 – Nov – 2022
9:00 – 12:00 CET

Enrolment deadline

Hamza Najjar

Principal, Brand Strategist
& Behavioural Science Practitioner.

Hamza blends behavioural science and brand strategy to help pioneering organisations create cultures that people love to be a part of.

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